We help you design the custom quality piece of furniture that you want. As always, we sell furniture from a variety of Mennonite and Amish builders in the Great Lakes area. These builders, in general, do not have (or want!) retail operations. Most of our suppliers specialize in a certain type of furniture item (i.e. chairs, tables) and, as a result, the construction is of high quality and exceptional consistency.

There are several ways to get that unique size, shape, colour, or style of furniture you've been looking for. In general, we will need to start from a photograph or a detailed drawing. If you can't provide this, we can often find the closest match from a builders' catalogue and adapt the design to suit your needs.

Feel free to email us your photo or diagram with as much written detail as you can provide, including the type of wood (oak, pine, or maple) and the dimensions. When we have all the necessary information, we will send you a quote for a custom build.

We have shipped to British Columbia, Nova Scotia and many points between — please ask about long-distance shipping if you want to bring home an heirloom souvenir from your visit to Aylmer. We will work with you and your favourite/recommended shipping company. All of the furniture will be carefully and fully wrapped to protect it from damage in the shipping process.
Inside Delivery: $100 / hour, for round trip. Two people will deliver, carry in, and set up your furniture — upstairs, downstairs, wherever it goes. A setup time of one hour is included with the delivery price.

Yes! "Clear" cherry or walnut is much more expensive than the "sap" or "character" wood, which has a large variety of colouration, grain pattern, and heart and sap wood. A whole lot more character for a whole lot less price!

We are in the very center of the town of Aylmer, Ontario. The exact center. The main crossroads. Smack dab in the middle. You can't "drive through Aylmer" without passing our store. Really!

No. We're a small business and not set up to extend credit. We require approximately 50% of the purchase price when you order, and the balance upon completion/delivery. You may make incremental payments during the build periods, though.