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Handcrafted, Custom-Built Furniture

Premium Woods

We use a wide variety of woods from economically priced to high-end and pristine.

Stains & Finishes

We have a wide selection of stains to choose from as well as we can match any stain samples you bring in.

Heirloom Quality

Any furniture built by our woodworkers is top quality, and we stand behind what they build. Your furniture will last for generations!

Brian and family are wonderful and take immense pride in their work.

Everything is customizable and they work hard to get everything perfected. We appreciated that our purchase is heirloom quality and will last. Furniture of this calibre is not the standard in North America any longer.

~ Leith Coghlin

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Let us help you get the right furniture for your home.

At Mennonite Furniture Gallery, our desire for you is to have a great experience from your visit to placing your new furniture in your new home. Read below about how you can start working with us today!

Schedule an Appointment

We want you to make the most of your visit to Mennonite Furniture Gallery. Before your visit or appointment, consider bringing things to help us see your vision. If you don't have an idea, come on in anyway, and we will help you out!

Gather & Bring Your Inspiration

To help us out and make the most of your visit, consider bringing these three things:
1. Measurements of the piece you want and/or the space you want to it to occupy.
2. Stain samples you would like or items to match, like a spare floor board, chair, or whatever else you can think of. Please avoid photos for stain matching as these won't be accurate because of different lighting.
3. Samples or pictures of styles you would like in your furniture or a piece of furniture you would like us to take inspiration from.

We Will Handle the Rest

The more you bring, the better we can help you out. That makes your visit more successful and complete. After the order is made and arrives, or the item is bought off the floor, we will arrange a way to bring your new furniture to you!