Shipping Policy

Local delivery is available in the day or evening. So, you don't need to miss work or appointments waiting at home.

Don't live around here? We have shipped to British Columbia, Nova Scotia, and many points in between. Please ask about long-distance shipping if you want to bring home an heirloom souvenir from your visit to Aylmer.

If your schedule is flexible and can accommodate our delivery routes, we offer free delivery within Aylmer and a $35 flat-rate for curbside delivery to Tillsonburg and St. Thomas. Otherwise, you can choose . . .

Curbside Delivery

$60 / hour for a roundtrip. This is the most economical way to have furniture delivered. Only one delivery employee is sent, and you are responsible to help carry the furniture in and set it up. If furniture has to go upstairs or downstairs, you are responsible for the removal of handrails or doors, if necessary. Muster your own troops or opt for . . .

Inside Delivery

$75 / hour for a roundtrip. Two people will deliver, carry in, and set up your furniture — upstairs, downstairs, wherever it goes. A setup time of one hour is included with the delivery price. If it takes more than one hour, the hourly rate of $75 applies.

Customer Pickup

This is definitely the most economical (and fun!) way to receive your furniture. We will gladly help you load when you arrive. There is no extra charge for this service. When you come, bring an appropriate vehicle. If you're not sure your items will fit, just ask. We know that a minivan with four children in carseats will not hold a lot of furniture!

Your furniture will not be wrapped. So, please be sure to bring plenty of packing material, blankets, and tie-downs. We are not responsible for damaged furniture if appropriate blankets are not brought. You will be picking up your furniture either at the store or at the finishing shop, which is in town and is also staffed with people capable of helping you load.